Training, Training and MORE Training

Gone are the days where some "guru" promised to give you step by step instruction,
and then did nothing more than leave you wanting, and try to upsell you into something else,
to get "The Real Scoop".

You can have all the tools in the world, but if no one shows you how to use them, they're worthless.

We give live trainings Twice each and every month!

Just SOME of the things you'll learn inside!

  • How to get Leads and Buyers!
  • Full training on Craigs List
  • Effecive Email writing
  • Basic Autoresponder setup
  • Video Marketing / Youtube ranking
  • And Much Much More!

Full Lead Capture Page System!

Of course there are many lead capture page vendors out there, but frankly if you want to use most
of their services, you need to be a web developer to get through all the technical aspects of setting it up.

Fully Working Lead Capture Pages

We've created full page lead capture pages for you to use
We've used them ourselves, tested them, and made sure of
good opt-in rates before making them available in this system.

Editable Lead Capture Pages

While you can easily use our lead capture pages as they are,
You can also edit them to suit your specific needs. All of our
lead capture pages can be edited in a very simple word processing
type editor. We make it as easy as we can to allow you to quickly
deploy our lead capture pages in minutes.

Get All Your Opt Ins

While we integrate directly into Aweber and GetResponse as our autoresponders of choice,
it's not an issue if you don't have These. We'll collect those opt-ins
And make them available for download. Again, we make it simple!

Tracking You Ask?

Absolutely! You will have immediate tracking information available.
See how many clicks your campaign has, how many of them are unique,
how many of them have opted in on your capture page.
And no need for any other tracking links to get your information anymore.

Craigs List You Say?

Who uses Craigs List? WE DO! And we do it right!

(actual Craigs List ads that are generating revenue)

Craigs List Autoresponse

Use our full Craigs List autoresponse system! No more having to respond
to each and every email request that comes in. Allow our autoresponse
system to filter your leads and send them to your campaign automatically!

Make Craigs List Work For You

Though our trainings, we'll show you how to correctly and effectively use
Craigs List to generate leads, build your list and close sales.
We do it every day, and it works! We can show you how!

What About Lead Flow?

Don't have the time, or the knowledge (YET) to drive the traffic yourself?
We give you the sources that we use ourselves!

Solo Ad Traffic

We get it. Some of this seems pretty daunting. Who do I go to for leads? Who can I trust? What quality of leads will I get?

Don't worry, we've got you covered!
We've scoured the market looking for the best sources of leads. We've combed through them all and tested them ourselves to know what we offer is right for you and quite frankly, for us too.

We'll give you the best sources to drive traffic for you, straight to your campaign.

Other Traffic Sources?

Yep, that's right. We show you how we also get inexpensive, or even FREE traffic!

From how to post on certain free sites, to how to get your videos ranked higher to get lead flow that costs nothing but a little time.

So even if you don't have a big marketing budget, or even a marketing budget at all, we show you how to get those leads into your funnel so that you can start making sales as soon as possible!

Need more done for you?

Well ok!

We will host your very own Video Branding Page!
Not only that, but you get up to 5 of them to use as you wish

Just what is a Branding Page?

  • Upload your own sales video, or image!
  • Your own heading!
  • Your own subheading!
  • Text of your own making!
  • A custom link to send them where YOU want them to go!
  • Plus tons of other options!

That's right, we generate it and host it for you based on YOUR information. It's your very own sales page. We call it a branding page, because it helps you to brand yourself, either just you, or along you along side whatever opportunity you're promoting.

What does this mean for you?

We teach a lot about the KLT priciple, so people learn to Know, Like and Trust you. One of the big parts of that is branding yourself. But who has the time and/or technical knowledge to put up a professional single landing page that does that for you? WE DO!

Just upload your video or image, give your page a heading, subheading, add some text and give it the link you want to direct your prospects to, and bingo! You're done! The page will be created and hosted immediately!

Still not enough?!?

Wow, you drive a hard bargain... Ok, how about this?
I feel like I should say "But wait, there's more!"

Partner with us and become an affiliate, so that you can get a commision on each person you personally refer.

You spoke up and we listened

While our Marketing Toolbox has been selling like hotcakes, we found that many of our sales were being referred to us by some of our members. We didn't think that was really fair to essentially cut them out of the deal that they made for us, so we opened up the ability to make affiliate sales.

That's right, you earn while you learn

Our multitude of products inside Get Fearless Freedom, which we dub our Marketing Toolbox, allows you to learn the secrets the so called "gurus" use, and then put them to use yourself all in one place. So what could be better than that? Bring others on board to help them, AND get paid for your time and effort in doing so.

I'd call that better.

So what does this actually mean?

For each person that you personally refer, you get paid!
There is no multi level marketing, there is no passing sales up. If you refer them through your personal affiliate link, they are your customer and you get the commission.

What do you mean you want more?

Well ok then... YOU choose how you would like to get paid!

That's right! You can choose!
Just choose how you get that payment, member to member. They pay you directly.
No waiting on us to send you money
Once you receive the payment, you confirm receipt and your new member is off and running.

Sounds pretty good right?

So what are you waiting for?

See you on the inside!

Hey... Don't Take Our Word For It

Hear it straight from our members!

It's TIME to join us

What You Get If Bought
Full Lead Capture Templates
(create as many as you want, promote ANYTHING you want)
$197/month Included
Live Video Trainings Twice Per Month
(ask questions, collaborate with others, actually learn with the 7 figure earners do)
Craigs List Autoresponse System
(Run Craigs List ads completely on autopilot
AND we teach you how)
$127/month Included
Video Branding Pages
(We create it, host it and maintain it for you, all with YOUR information and link)
$1000 One time creation cost
$97/month hosting
Campaign Tracking
(We track your clicks for you, clicks, unique clicks and opt-ins all done for you)
$57/month Included
Affiliate Commissions
(You can promote any business or opportunity your heart desires, but if you promote Get Fearless Freedom, you'll earn a $200 payment for each member) -> Earn while you learn
$1000 One Time Payment
Your price today?
$200 One Time

So What Are You Waiting For?

Join Us Now